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Gaming Key Art: Night Stones

When I was first approached to design the key art for the game “Night Stones”, I was immediately captivated by its unique premise. The idea of being trapped in one’s own dream and navigating an enchanting world filled with magic and lore was both intriguing and challenging. Here’s a glimpse into my creative process and the inspiration behind the key art.

Before diving into the design, I spent time understanding the game’s essence. “Night Stones” is not just an open-world adventure game; it’s a journey through a dream where magic is the key. The Night Stones, with their power to shift day to night, stood out as the central element, and I knew they had to be prominently featured in the key art.

The duality of day and night was a significant theme. I wanted the artwork to capture this contrast. The top half showcases the vibrant daytime, with its clear skies and radiant sun, while the bottom half plunges into the mysterious allure of the night, illuminated by the glow of the Night Stones.

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Johan Leidefors

Johan Leidefors

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As a Key Art & UX Designer with a expertise in graphic design and a strong understanding of the power of effective communication, I know that how we communicate is as important as what we communicate.

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