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Web and Logotype: Stefan Attefall

I am excited to showcase this project, where I had the privilege of working with Stefan Attefall, Sweden’s former Minister of Housing and now County Governor (Landshövding) of Uppsala. Stefan is renowned for coining the term “Attefallshus”, which refers to a type of small house that has become increasingly popular in Sweden.

When Stefan and his wife Cecilia approached me, he expressed his desire to establish a strong digital presence and a consistent visual identity. As a web and logo designer, I took on the challenge of creating a cohesive graphical expression that would resonate with their target audience and effectively represent their personal brand.

The project commenced with an in-depth understanding of their vision, objectives, and audience. I conducted thorough research on current design trends, particularly those related to personal branding for public figures. Using these insights, I began crafting a visually appealing and impactful logotype that would symbolize Stefan’s contributions to the housing sector and his role as County Governor.

In tandem with the logotype design, I developed a responsive and user-friendly website that would serve as Attefall’s digital hub. The website was designed to showcase their accomplishments, connect with his audience, and provide valuable information related to housing policies and initiatives.

Throughout the project, I maintained close communication with Stefan and Cecilia, ensuring their feedback was incorporated into the design process. The result was a cohesive and effective digital presence that not only elevated their personal brand but also provided a platform for them to engage with their audience and share their expertise in the housing sector.

This project highlights the power of strategic design in shaping the personal brands of influential figures, and I am proud to have collaborated with Stefan Attefall on this exciting endeavor.

Johan Leidefors

Johan Leidefors

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